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 Clan Wars Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Wars Rules   Clan Wars Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 25, 2009 2:57 pm

Major Rules

1. The number 1 MAJOR rule. LISTEN TO THE DAMN LEADER! We can’t stress this enough…
2. The number 2 MAJOR RULE. Do NOT run head-first into a war like this… FALL IN on a leader. If you rush… get ready to face Link’s wrath. Won’t be fun with all his 99 stats. 
3. If you’re gonna tank… be a good tanker. If you aren’t, won’t do us any good…
4. Help your teammates newps -.- they’ll be crying out in clan chat. Turn the damn thing on and listen to them!
6. This rule only applies to the Kill Count. When we say GET OUT OF PORTAL, we MEAN GET OUT OF PORTAL. Kill count means we need to get as many kills as possible… so if we’re facing a 110+ clan, it’s not wise for a level 100- to go in. Sometimes there are special cases, and leaders will let you know during the war.

Strategies Based on Kill Count and Knockout

Kill Count (Pile)
1. Turn Clan Chat ON. We mean it. Here is where leaders call piles when there’s a group of high levels. If you just rush into a high level zone, good luck on surviving. Won’t be easy, that much I can assure you.
2. Continually attack easy kills. This does not necessarily mean attack the lower levels.
Mage ATTACK Armored Warriors
Rangers ATTACK Mage and Rangers
Warriors ATTACK Mage and Rangers <<<<<<Turn Pray on. You’ll need it.

3. NEVER attack tanks during a kill count. It’s a waste of time.

Kill Count (Single Combat)
1. Try to take on people below your level… If a high level jumps you, call for help! Turn Auto Retaliate off and walk (or run) away. Someone will take the jerk offa you Wink
2. Once again... Do NOT ATTACK TANKS. Don’t be an idiot…

Knockout (Pile)
1. Here’s where everyone comes in. NO ONE stay out.
2. Fall in on the leader. He will be calling piles. LISTEN TO THE PILES.
3. Lower levels should focus on doing as much damage as possible before their… fatal death. This can help us out tremendously.

Knockout (Single-Combat)
2. Lower levels… focus on doing a LOT of damage… whatever cost it may take, take it! This can help us out tremendously!
3. That’s it. Wow that was fast. Shocked

Strategies based on Map

Clan Wars Classic]
1. It’s a big map. Fall in on the leader and STAY TOGETHER.
2. If needed to, the clan may split to find the enemy. Also, we may have a “spotter”, as in one man who leaves the war to look in the viewing orb, to find the enemy. This is an important person who may actually mean victory for our team.
3. Low levels, be mindful of One-Way zones.

1. Entire map is multi-way… Best choice is to pile.

Blasted Forest
1. Entire map is Single-combat. Low levels watch out.
2. During Knockout, Low Levels weaken, High Levels do the kill.
3. During Kill Count against High Level Players… LOW LEVELS STAY AWAY! This just might mean the difference between winning and losing this war. If we know we’re not gonna win, a leader will say so. Then… get your ass in there. It’s then just for pure fun Wink

1. Tanker dream. Leave them for last. IGNORE THEM UNTIL THEY ARE THE LAST ONES STANDING (during knockout)!
2. Lots of places for rangers and mages to shoot from. Get them first. If you’re a ranger/ mage, please bring armor in case they come in a rush. PLEASE bring armor…

Forsaken Quarry
1. Don’t listen to Link. This map is PWNAGE, not retarded. He just can’t do chit in it >>
2. Yes it IS a mini-classic… but that’s cool! Once again, listen to the clan leader for piles/stay back/low levels GET OUT/ etc. commands. Thanks.
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Clan Wars Rules
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