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 Clan Terms and Meanings

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PostSubject: Clan Terms and Meanings   Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:03 pm

Clan Terms and Meanings

When said in public/clan chat…
1. Fi Sc – Fall In Scarlet Crusade
2. Sc (name) – Attack this person during multi-combat
3. Fi (name) –Fall in on this person. She/he will be the leader that day.
4. Sc Split - Split and hunt down the remaining people. When you find him/her/them, call the clan to their direction,

When said in Clan Chat…
1. Pond –Go to pond… its sad I have to put this here >>
2. “Spam (word)” –Repeat the word over and over in public.
Ex) If a leader says “Spam Fi Sc” you would say “fi sc” until he tells you to stop >>

If you have any more, please tell them to me in reply. It will be added, and then your reply will be automatically deleted. Thanks team! Very Happy

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Clan Terms and Meanings
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