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 Rules of Combat (Clan Wars)

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PostSubject: Rules of Combat (Clan Wars)   Rules of Combat (Clan Wars) I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 25, 2009 1:38 pm

1. Obey the clan leader.
2. Never run. (It wastes time)
3. Help your teammates in need!
4. Ignore tanks.

Kill count (Multiway combat) Continually attack the EASIEST KILLS (which may not always be the lowest levels. Look to attack those in full metal armour as a mager, and those in robes/dragon hide as a meleer or ranger.) NEVER ATTACK TANKS IN KILL COUNT.
Kill count (Single way combat) Try to only attack people below your level! Try not to attack a level 124 continually if you're only 80! Let the high levels handle the high levels, low handle low. NEVER ATTACK TANKS IN KILL COUNT.
Knockout (Multiway combat) Follow the clan leader's instructions for piling, those who will die the fastest and are doing a lot of damage need to go first. TANKS GO LAST.
Kill count (Single way combat) The lower levels should try to do as much damage as they can before dying to soften targets or kill some targets for the higher levels. TANKS GO LAST.

Clan wars Classic: As this is a big map, staying together is a wise idea, since many strategies with this map count on the enemy splitting up. Listen to the clan leader. Be mindful of the single-way zones.
Plateau: The entire map is multiway. Listen to your clan leader for piles!!
Blasted Forest: The entire map is single-way. Follow the killcount/knockout strategies above for how to play on this map successfully. Listen to your clan leader.
Turrets: Like clan wars classic, only full multiway. This is a tanker's dream. IGNORE TANKS UNTIL THEY'RE THE LAST THING YOU HAVE TO KILL HERE. There's also a lot of places for rangers and magers to shoot down from, make sure to stay on them. Listen to your clan leader.
Forsaken quarry: This map is retarded, it's basically a mini clan wars classic. Beware of the singleway combat zones around the portals and listen to your clan leader for instruction.
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Rules of Combat (Clan Wars)
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