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 Layout for Application

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Layout for Application Empty
PostSubject: Layout for Application   Layout for Application I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 14, 2009 10:55 am

Please follow this layout to make your application! thank you! ><

Runescape Name:
Combat Level:
Highest Skill:
Highest Combat Skill:
Rank at the Moment:
Rank Applying For:
Number of Recruits:
Recruit Names:
Time in Clan:
How did you find Scarlet Crusade?
What do you think of the clan so far?
If you could improve us… What would you do?


Runescape Name: ScarletC
Combat Level: 126
Highest Skill: 99 str, 99 def… etc.
Highest Combat Skill: 99 str, 99 def, 99 fish… etc.
Rank at the Moment: Recruit
Rank Applying For: Squire
Number of Recruits: 5
Recruit Names: Simple324, Lia32, Dahoozie, CalmS3423, LilyHi231
Time in Clan: 2 weeks
How did you find Scarlet Crusade?
My friend One Day, requested I join. I found SC on Runehead as well as Youtube.
What do you think of the clan so far?
I think the members are nice as well as fun. I think this clan will prevail well in the future.
If you could improve us… What would you do?
If I could improve the clan in any way, I would get new members. I believe we need to expand our memberlist.

That’s it everyone! Thanks for reading this. Know that if you DO NOT follow these guidelines, your application will be deleted and automatically denied. Thank you… and we are NOT trying to be mean! ><
We're just trying to make our life easier Rolling Eyes
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Layout for Application
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