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PostSubject: Application   Application I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 25, 2009 12:44 pm

Runescape Name:
Combat Level:
Highest Skill:
Highest Combat Skill:
Rank at the Moment:
Rank Applying For:
Number of Recruits:
Recruit Names:
Time in Clan:
How did you find Scarlet Crusade?
What do you think of the clan so far?
If you could improve us… What would you do?


Runescape Name: ScarletC
Combat Level: 126
Highest Skill: 99 str, 99 def… etc.
Highest Combat Skill: 99 str, 99 def, 99 fish… etc.
Rank at the Moment: Recruit
Rank Applying For: Squire
Number of Recruits: 5
Recruit Names: Simple324, Lia32, Dahoozie, CalmS3423, LilyHi231
Time in Clan: 2 weeks
How did you find Scarlet Crusade?
My friend One Day, requested I join. I found SC on Runehead as well as Youtube.
What do you think of the clan so far?
I think the members are nice as well as fun. I think this clan will prevail well in the future.
If you could improve us… What would you do?
If I could improve the clan in any way, I would get new members. I believe we need to expand our memberlist.
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